On July 1 and 3, 2020, the coordinator of the Jean Monnet module, Cristina Blasi, gave two sessions on European Union issues for secondary school teachers.

Specifically, she gave seminars on the history of the EU and on the EU institutions. The sessions were part of the course “Training on the functioning of the European Union for secondary school teachers”, and its purpose was to create awareness of the existence of this Jean Monnet Module and to invite them to participate in the course or recommend this course to other teachers who might be interested. It also sought to bring secondary school teachers closer to the functioning of the EU, in an introductory way, based on the topics in which the EUCONAS Project is structured. The content of the modules was as follows: (1) Introduction to the EU: definition, history and enlargement, (2) Institutions, (3) Law, (4) Economy, (5) Internal policies, and (6) The union policy: the area of ​​freedom, security and justice and external action.

The course was held in the virtual classroom Moodle of the UAB. It was structured in 6 modules plus one for the general presentation of the programme. Each module was structured based on the following resources: (a) Readings, (b) External videos (from European institutions), (c) Questionnaire, (d) Forum, and (e) Videoconference (through Microsoft Teams) on a specific topic of those who are part of the titles. During the videoconference, questions were also asked about the general content of the module.

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