On 23 January 2020 the coordinator Dr Cristina Blasi and the Key Staff member Albert García Macián met two representatives of the International Relations Department within the Barcelona Provincial Council: Eloi Juvilla and Elisabet Gonzalez. The meeting has a main purpose attract staff and also the network that the Barcelona Provincial Council for participation in the course EUCONAS in September 2020 and September 2021. They committed to advertise the course through their platforms to the civil society and thus enhance the impact of the course by establishing ways of dissemination through the Barcelona Provincial Council (particularly by mailing and posters) to the civil society. It will increase the visibility of the module and allow practitioners, civil society representatives, and other persons interested in learning about EU to access the course. Finally the Barcelona Provincial Council showed interest in sponsoring the continuity of the course after 2021, once the Jean Monnet Module comes to an end.